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Your personal blackbox.
Track your children, car, handbag, phone, anything.

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  • Never Lose Anything Again with Trouver

    Trouver is a tiny Bluetooth device and easy-to-use app that tracks anyone or anything in seconds. Just slip or attach the device to your loved ones or belongings, and worry no more on their whereabouts as you can track their real-time locations on your smartphones.

  • Community Tracking

    Any phones with Trouver app installed can help track your Trouver devices' locations automatically. So lets get your family and friends to install Trouver app to widen the tracking coverage. Wider coverage means you can track your children or belongings even when they are very far from you.

  • Scan. Slip. See.

    With our patent-pending cloud-pairing technology, you don't have to pair Trouver device with your phone like normal Bluetooth device. Just scan the QR-code on the Trouver device, slip or attach the device to the thing you want to track, and see its location in the app. Step-by-step guide

Real-Time Tracking

Get location updates of your tracked items every second on your mobile phone.

Social Sharing

Share your tracked items' locations and track them with your family and friends.

Instant Alert

Get instant alert when your tracked items go out of range.

Community Tracking

Whenever you are far away from your tracked items, nearby phones with Trouver app installed help track them securely.

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Trouver Showcase

Check out the app screenshots and demo.

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Countless Ways to Use Trouver

Track anything you want. Free your imagination!

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    Trouver Your Child

  • Screenshot 01

    Trouver Your Pet

  • Screenshot 01

    Trouver Your Handbag

  • Screenshot 01

    Trouver Your Car

  • Screenshot 01

    Trouver Your Wallet

  • Screenshot 01

    Trouver Your Luggage

  • Screenshot 01

    Trouver Your Bicycle

  • Screenshot 01

    Trouver Your Phone